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Classroom Expectations

At Hasty Elementary all students are taught and expected to use ROAR behavior.
ROAR behavior includes:
R - I will respect myself and others.
O - I will take ownership of my actions and choices.
A - I will act appropriately.
R - I will be responsible.
When classes are caught using their ROAR behavior throughout the school, we earn PAW cards. Each class celebrates in their own way after earning 10 PAW cards.
All of our kindergarten classes follow a colored behavior system. Students begin each day on green. Depending on how your child's day goes, they can either clip up or down.  If a child does clip down due to not following our school/classroom expectations, they do have the opportunity to clip back up. Our color system is listed below.
Pink - Super student!
Purple - Great job!
Green - Read to learn!
Yellow - Think about it.
Orange - Student/teacher conference, time in reflection area.
Red - Parent contact.
Students can also earn Dojo points as a way to reinforce positive behavior.