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Hasty Elementary School

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First Grade » Classroom Expectations and Procedures

Classroom Expectations and Procedures

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At Hasty Elementary all students are taught and expected to use ROAR behavior.
ROAR behavior includes:
R - I will respect myself and others.
O - I will take ownership of my actions and choices.
A - I will act appropriately.
R - I will be responsible.
When classes are caught using their ROAR behavior throughout the school, we earn PAW cards. Each class sets a goal and celebrates in their own way when their goal has been reached.
All of our first grade classes follow a colored behavior system. Students begin each day on green. Depending on how your child's day goes, they can either clip up or down. If a child does clip down due to not following our school/classroom expectations, they do have the opportunity to clip back up. Our color system is listed below.
Pink - Super student!
Purple - Great job!
Green - Ready to learn!
Yellow - Think about it.
Orange - Student/teacher conference, time in reflection area.
Red - Parent contact.
Students can also earn Dojo points as a way to reinforce positive behavior.