1 one-inch binder w/clear plastic front

  4 packs of 5 dividers
  2 plastic folders w/prongs
  8 packs of notebook paper
  6 packs of #2 yellow pencils
  1 pack of colored pencils
  1 pack of markers
  2 pack of cap erasers
  8 glue sticks
  1 pair of headphones
  1 twenty-five pack of plastic page protectors
 Lysol wipes (not Clorox)
  Paper Towels
  Post-it Notes
  Box of tissues
  Sandwich size Ziploc baggies
Optional (but needed)
  Expo Markers
  Ream of copy paper
  Additional notebook paper
*Please keep in mind as you buy supplies, you may want to keep your receipts, as this list could change depending on your child’s teacher.  Also, be mindful that we will likely need to replenish some of these supplies around December.