Literacy Strategies for Success:
Use these strategies with your child and watch them grow into their possibilities. 


Word Level Strategies
Stop and use one of the following strategies to help read a word you don't know. For example: thoughtfulness
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1. Look at the beginning sound-th
2. Stretch the word out- thought-ful-ness
3. Look at the ending sound- s 
4. Chunk the word-thoughtful
5. Look for little words in the big word-thought
6. Try the word you think fits, then ask yourself, "does the word make sense in the sentence when you reread it".  


Read, Cover, Remember, Retell-

1. Read SchoolCenter Picture

2.Cover the text with your hand. SchoolCenter Picture

3. Keep in mind the big main parts. SchoolCenter Picture

4. Retell what you just learned to a partner.

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VIP (Very Important Points)-

1. Read the story. SchoolCenter Picture

2. Sticky note the important points. SchoolCenter Picture

3. Review or retell to a partner the "very important points".

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Key Words- SchoolCenter Picture

1. Read part of the story.  

2. Choose key words or phrases in the selection.

3. Discuss with a partner or write a summary.SchoolCenter Picture

Represent It- SchoolCenter Picture

1. Listen to the reader.

2. Illustrate the steps in a process or cycle.

3. Look back and tell a partner what you learned.

4. Write it down. SchoolCenter Picture

Alphabox- SchoolCenter Picture

1.Write words that reflect the topic.

2.Listen to the reader and write down important words/phrases.

3.After reading, add more important words/phrases.

4. Discuss the selection of words/phrases with a partner.

Say Something-

1. Read the text with a partner or in a group.

2. Stop and connect, expand, or react to the text.

3. Say something about the text. SchoolCenter Picture

I Wonder-

1. Ponder the text. SchoolCenter Picture

2. Listen to the reader and ask yourself questions about the text.

3. Reflect on the text.

I Remember- SchoolCenter Picture

1. Listen to or read the story.

2. Think about the facts and events of the story.

3. Talk to your partner about the story. SchoolCenter Picture

4. Share with your partner, "I Remember......".

Sketch to Stretch- SchoolCenter Picture

1. Read or listen to the story.

2. Pause and visualize the reading.

3. Sketch your thinking quickly with a pencil and a few words. 

4. Continue reading the passage or story. 

Read with your child every day!

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